The latest Frore album: Biome is available on Spotted Peccary Records.

Biome is Frore’s first solo project for Spotted Peccary. Biome is inspired by the interconnectedness of a forest, how one small swath of nature can contain countless microbes, many components that comprise the whole. Sonically, Biome is as multi-faceted as its inspiration. With world instruments, drones, pads, sequencer lines and even touches of industrial and IDM, Frore paints a lush landscape for the listener to explore.



Frore is Paul Casper an electronic musician from Virginia Beach VA. Frore is music that evokes a dark thoughtful,  primitive, atmosphere for reflection and/or dreaming. Paul thinks it's music that connects with "something", but he has yet to figure out what that is.

Oh, look how moody he is. . .